Ms Nicola Bury

We would like to welcome Ms Nicola Bury into our class. She is a 3rd year student teacher studying at Flinders University. She has spent the last week of term getting to know us all and how our class runs. She will be with us for the first 4 weeks of Term 3. During this time she will start by teaching a lesson a day and gradually build up to teaching 50-60 % of the day by week 4. Please make her feel welcome and introduce yourself to her.

Braeviewfest was a great success.



On Tuesday we enjoyed our German Day celebration. Everyone dressed up and we all looked fantastic. We all loved the whole school parade and the berliners were a hit. We went for a walk to see all the other decorated doors. The winner will be announced at assembly on Friday. Zac won the colouring competition for the 7 year old category, well done Zac.


On Tuesday of week 9 we have our German Day Celabration, Braeviewfest. Notes went home this week with all the details. The children may dress up on the day and they can order a Berliner treat for recess. The order form was on the back of of the note sent home on Monday orders need to be in by Friday 19th June.

Each class is decorating their door with a German theme these will be judged and the winner will be announced on the day. We have completed our door and everyone who has seen it has been very impressed. The children have done an amazing job and should be very proud of their work. I have posted a photo of our door but please come in and see it in person if you get the chance. On Tuesday we will walk around the school to see what the other classes have done.


Daily 5 Update.

Last week I went to visit Westbourne Park Primary School to observe how they run Daily 5. I saw a range of year levels (R-6) using this structure during their Literacy time. The teacher who was conducting our tour has been using Daily 5 for 3 years now and we observed her run a lesson. I have picked up some new ideas that I can add to my program but the main thing the visit did for me was to confirm that I am on the right track. The progress our class has made to becoming independent learners has been amazing and they should be proud of their efforts so far.

I would like to thank the parents who have helped out by being our ‘Human’ listening post and reading to groups of children this year. We are looking into setting up an electronic listening post, but I think having a parent read to the children and then have an in depth conversation about the story at the end is a truly valuable experience for all involved.

Sharing Topics Term 2

We have set topics each week as listed below. It would be helpful if you could help your child prepare a short talk about the week’s topic and give them the opportunity to practice at home.


Week 2     What are your favourite clothes and why?

Week 3     How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? What special things

did you do for Mum?

Week 4     If I were the Principal (Mr. King) for a day I would…….

Week 5     Tell us about a book character(s) you would like to meet.

Week 6     I would like to invent a machine that………….

Week 7     Draw/create a health lunch box. What will you put in it?

Week 8     Present your ‘All about my pet’ booklet

Week 9     If I was an animal I would be……………….because………..

Week 10   Free Choice


Have fun!


Sports Day

Sports Day is on Thursday 2nd of April this year. It is the day before Good Friday. If you already know your child wont be at school that day please let me know. Below are the Sports Day teams. Your child may come to school in their team colour. As you can see the teams are very uneven in our class, therefore, I will be mixing the children up and making 4 even teams for our morning session. After lunch the children will sit with their R-7 team to cheer on the runners. GO GREEN!!



Welcome  to Mrs Rust’s Class and our class blog. I am very new to blogging so please bear with me as I will be learning as I go. Through this blog I hope to share our class’s  learning journey with family and friends. I hope both children and their families will contribute to this blog throughout the year.